Data Recovery Methods for Common Situations

Many reasons may lead to the terrible results. You might delete them, empty trash or recycle bin on Mac OS X or Windows wrongly by yourself. Or your computer might be attacked, destroyed by viruses or crash. Sometimes you even might forget to backup data before restoring your Windows or Mac based desktop, laptop, sd card, usb drive etc. In these situations, we need some type of Data Recovery software for either Mac or Windows to retrieve data stored on your internal or external hard drive, SD card, usb flash drive, digital cameras and more.

As we all know, losing data usually only arise occasionally. It resulted in a lot of people thinking that data recovery should be left only to experienced professionals. While the truth is, recovering data is not as complicated as those people think. With the right methods and computer data recoverytools, retrieving data /photo etc. from a storage or drive is as easy as recovering them from trash or recycle bin.

If you want to recover data successfully, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need not overwrite this data. Therefore, remember not to store or write any additional data, files, photos etc. on your hard drive, SD card, USB flash drive once you lost data and decide to get them back. With this in mind, we can look at three of the most common types of data recovery.

1. Recover Deleted Data

For Windows, deleted files are first sent to “Recycle Bin” with default setting. But if you use “Shift + Delete” command, the files are not get moved to the recycle bin but removed from the file system. For the former situation, you only need simply locate the recycle bin and right click on the file, then choose the “Restore” option and the file will be recovered to the original location without any loss. While for the latter situation, you cannot get back the deleted data by the same way. It doesn’t mean that you are unable to recover them. Actually, you can still retrieve them only if you know how. When Windows says a file is completely deleted just means that the file entry has been taken out of the file system. And the file is usually still on your system. You need only use some data recovery tool to analyze your hard drive, SD card, USB drive etc. and find your lost data. Once the lost files are located, you can simply choose any you wish to recover. According to my personal experience, I recommend Wondershare Data Recovery for Windows and Data Recovery for Mac for Mac OS X based users. I have been relying on them for a few years. You also can find your own favorite tools from download sites or network.

2. Recover Data from a Crash

It is definitely more difficult to recover data from a crashed computer than the first situation but it is still possible. There are different ways in which a drive can become corrupted. For example, if you deleted a partition, then any data stored in that partition will be inaccessible. With some partition recovery software, you can still recover the deleted partition. Once the lost partition is recovered, you can retrieve data on that partition at the same time.

3. Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive

There is another case (and what is absolute worst case scenario) when there is physical damage to your hard drive or external drive (sd card, usb flash drive etc.). In this situation, it is impossible to recover data on your own way. Then you need contact some expert for help. For example, calling your hard drive’s manufacturer and ask them to recover as much data from your damaged hard drive as possible. However, it is important to keep in mind that this kind of data recovery services is usually quite expensive. What is worse is that there is no guarantee of how much data can be recovered. To avoid this terrible situation, I suggest you backup your data to another storage drive (such as external hard drive, SD card, usb drive etc.) frequently.

Simple conclusion, in most times, Windows data recovery or Mac data recovery is impossible and even can be done by yourself only if know basic methods and tools. Usually you need do is backing up your data every week. Once your data is lost, you just need follow the above three ways to download a data recovery tool or contact your manufacturer to recover it.

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